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Outfit estilo normcore o effortless, sporty pero chic para un domingo divertido y lluvioso.  Fotos por mi talentoso amigo Ed ladino.

Vistiendo pantalones de cuero de una tienda vintage, pero pueden conseguirlos en cualquier tienda fácilmente, un top básico de Forever 21, zapatos de Bershka, abrigo de Zara Women, manillas de old navy.

Look inspirado en mi ultima colaboración “back to basics” con la revista Esquire.


A casual idea to wear is the normcore or effortless yet chic outfit for a rainy relax sunday, Pictures by my talented friend Ed ladino.

Here i’m wearing leader pants from a vintage store, but you could easily find them at any store, a basic top from Forever 21, shoes from Bershka, coat from Zara, bracelets from Old navy.

This look was inspired from my last collaboration “back to basics” with Esquire magazine.





Hello guys!

This is my first post for my blog. After a five month vacation i return home, it was great reuniting with friends and family, although they keep asking for different advice from fashion to decor, different places and even healthy and easy food to cook, I don’t know much about cooking, but is something i certainly enjoy in some ocations, and i also learn a few things from my mother in law while i was on my trip. so i decide to create this personal space to share my diary, inspirations, and recommendations on how to have a nice and comfortable lifestyle, I also will be recommending the best and most authentic places in town and the ones I like the best as well as up and coming designers, stores, fashion advice and my looks, This is my lifestyle blog…